Are you having a wedding in Miami and need some entertainment ideas? Keeping the guests entertained is an important part of any wedding. With that thought in mind, here are some noteworthy entertainment ideas:

  • Swinging mermaids: You can have dancers outfitted with mermaid costumes and execute a musical-type performance. This can be tied together with a sea themed wedding, which fits perfectly with a Miami Beach venue.
  • Cigar station: An on-site cigar barrister can conjure up a variety of cigar flavors for your guests to try out. This type of event is not for everyone, especially if most aren’t smokers. However, if you want to experience the Latin American flair of Miami then a cigar station is the way to go.
  • Champagne-Pouring Aerial Silk Dancers: To add a professional touch to your wedding, hire dancers to hang from the chandeliers to woo your guests. The silk dancers are trained professionals to put on a performance, which involves pouring a glass of champagne while hanging upside down from the ceiling. It will keep guests entertained and may even be a focal point of the event.

Catering is just another way to impress your guests. Here’s a catering menu to get your ideas flowing!