Are you considering switching to a kosher diet, but are not sure if it’s the right move for you? A kosher diet can be chosen not only for religious reasons, but also because of the various advantages. Here are some of them to consider:

  • Meat is free of stress hormone: animals killed for preparation of kosher meat are done so without them knowing they are about to be killed. This means chemicals are not released into the body as a result of fear. Because of this, the quality of the meat from a health standpoint will be better.
  • Careful packaging: bugs are not allowed to be eaten in some cultures. When fresh food is packaged extra care is taken to ensure the packing is of a high standard. This will also improve the quality of the packaging of your kosher meat.
  • Animal is killed humanely: you might feel better about eating the meat when you know the animal was killed humanely. The methods used to kill the animal do not mimic the ones used in slaughterhouses, where the way the animal is treated is not ideal.

At TCGFL, we’re excited to offer kosher options for those willing to follow this diet.