Tips For The Perfect Super Bowl Sunday

The biggest sporting event of the year is almost here and the two contenders are the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Super Bowl Sunday is basically an unofficial holiday as millions of people gather around television sets to enjoy the biggest Sunday of the year in American sports. Super Bowl parties are a dime a dozen but we’ve gathered a few tips to turn your party from amateur to professional.

Score Easy Touchdowns

Buzzfeed posted an article with 31 Super Bowl Tips and we’ve selected our favorites from the list:


  • Wings are a given at any Super Bowl party. Use a salad spinner to evenly cover your wings with the spices/sauces/seasonings of your choice.
  • Teach your guests how to properly eat a chicken wing!

Chips & Dip

  • Chips & the ever so important Dip are mandatory at any respectable Super Bowl party. Set up DIY a nacho bar with chips, pretzels, cheese dip, salsa, beans, and guacomole so your guests can help themselves.


  • Ice is very important but is often overlooked and it tends to get used up. If you run out of ice, you can freeze individual water bottles as an ice pack alternative.


  • Beer is a must at Super Bowl parties. You can break away from the traditional beers and opt for some lesser known craft brews that have much more flavor (and a higher alcohol content). Set up a sampling station with small flights (2-3 oz) of different beers and let the beer aficionados enjoy quality.
  • Warm beer bottles can be cooled quickly by submerging in salted ice.


  • Ever had your drink get lost in a sea of indistinguishable plastic cups? It’s My Solo Cup ensures that there won’t be any confusion
  • Use the Solo cup guide for the perfect measurements in every drink.


If you just want to kick your feet up and relax for the big game, contact us. We can provide quality catered food for your Super Bowl party that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.