Spring is finally here, and in our minds that means one thing: Spring Wedding season! Spring weddings happen at the happiest time of year, the weather is warming up (especially here in Florida!) and flowers are in bloom- what’s not to be excited about?
There are many things you can do to play up your spring wedding theme, especially when it comes to the catering of the event. Below are some ideas on ways you could incorporate and make the most out of your spring wedding theme when it comes to catering!

Delicious Drinks

Why not start guest off with a signature cocktail to personalize your wedding? Since it is spring time think of something cool/refreshing- a Limoncello or champagne cocktails of some sort, like Bellinis. For nonalcoholic drinks a great option is a lemonade bar. Play around with the idea and serve up several different flavored lemonades.

Delectable Appetizers

Start your meal off right with a delectable appetizer leaving your guests wanting more. Seasonal hors d’oeuvres are a great way to introduce a subtle yet inviting spring theme to your wedding. Many people associate eggs with springtime; you can subtly bring this out when serving appetizers. You can also play with the spring theme with your salad course. Try a mixed baby green and add a fruity element, such as berries or fruit-infused dressing to play up the vibe.

Appealing Entrees

For your main course stick with something on the lighter side rather than serving heavy food which is many times associated with winter months. You can use one of the many popular wedding staples such as chicken or fish, and add a touch of “springtime” to them by adding fresh herbs like mint or rosemary.

Outstanding Desserts

There are many delicious dessert items that pair perfectly with a spring themed wedding. Sweets such as French-styled macaroons or chocolate dipped strawberries are perfect examples of this.

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