South Florida’s Go-To Holiday Catering Company

High quality food is possibly the most important part of the holiday season.

Don’t get us wrong. We love the act of the gift-giving, the gingerbread houses, and the smell of a recently used fireplace (that we have no business using in South Florida). Those are all great, but try to think of a family gathering, special holiday event, or company Christmas party that didn’t have tables of yummy food. Chances are, if you can’t think of one, you’ve been to some pretty terrible holiday events.

Everyone loves good food. The holidays bring us closer. Good food and the holidays go together like Mr and Mrs Claus, Rudolph and his red nose or South Florida winters and “Meanwhile, in Florida…” memes.

TCGFL and the holidays

We pride ourselves on a lot of things, but if we HAD to pick 2, it’d be these:

  1. Our high quality, locally-sourced food
  2. Our unparalleled service

You don’t need to scour Pinterest to know that #1 and #2 mixed together make a great recipe for a memorable (and delicious) holiday celebration.

Seriously though… the last thing we want you to worry about during your special holiday event is bad food and bad service, so we make sure to go the extra mile every time.

How can TCGFL make your holiday party the best ever?

You read that super witty “Pinterest recipe” line, and you think that TCGFL is the best choice for your South Florida holiday event. We look forward to helping you throw an unforgettable holiday bash.

Woo hoo! Let’s do this! (raising the roof).

Good news! You have choices on what type of food we can prepare and serve at your event.

(see all your options here)

Click on any of those links to see the menu items that we regularly prepare. If there’s something not listed, let us know, and we can do our best to make it happen.

Our holiday service

Food might seem like the only important part of catering, but don’t underestimate the value in attentive service.

Do you want your guests complaining that they didn’t get try any of the appetizers? Do you like that your holiday party looks like a garbage heap for plastic cups? Do you like it when you get served just as soon as everyone is done with their food? Do you like setting up tables? How about breaking down the tables? Do want to make sure that your guests are greeted with smiles all night?

We take care of all those things (and more).

You don’t want to stress this holiday season trying to string together a DIY celebration. We’re experts with this kind of stuff, and we’d be more than happy to make your holiday event the best one this year.

Call us at (954) 941-5161 or fill out the form on our contact page to get more info.

Happy holidays from the whole TCGFL family!