With the average wedding costing around $15,000 to organise it can cause a lot of stress for the couple involved. But you can make big savings without sacrificing on the quality of the end result. You just need to be clever about every dollar that’s spent.

One of the keys is negotiating a great deal, just like you would as if you were buying fish at the market. For instance, if you hire a catering service ask about bringing your own alcohol to the event. You’ll avoid the premiums charged by catering companies as you pay the lower prices of supermarkets.

Booking the venue is another strategic decision you need to make from a budgeting standpoint. Ideally don’t rent the venue on a Saturday night, and if it’s all the same to you rent it on January or February, when prices are typically at their lowest.

Also consider the actual needs of the evening instead of trying to impress everyone. For instance, select a menu that gives choice, but doesn’t have so many options that the end cost is expensive. With regards to the flowers it’s always good to select options that are in-season. They will be the cheaper option and any competent florist can explain what they are.