Did out of town guests show up unexpectedly? Did your existing plans fall through? Maybe you’re just a procrastinator by nature. Regardless of why you’re planning a holiday party last minute, we’ve compiled a few ideas to help make it easier:

1. Hire a Caterer

While this one may seem a little obvious, hiring a caterer to help plan your event takes the biggest component of any holiday party off of your hands: the food. By hiring a caterer, you free up the time you would have spent food shopping, cooking, cleaning, plating dishes, and organizing the food schedule. You also save yourself the time you’d need to spend cleaning up the food and the kitchen after the fun is over.

2. Simple Decorations

Look for easy to acquire, inexpensive holiday decorations that are the least likely to be sold out or in limited quantities. Helium-filled balloons are an cost-effective way to add a little flare to a room. Adding some strategically placed candles throughout the room will help create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Think outside the box with holiday colors for disposable paper goods. Red, green and blue are most likely to be sold out; try white (a year round staple), gold, or silver.

3. Keep Calm and Party!

The most important part of any holiday party, last minute or not, is to have a great time with friends, family, and loved ones! Take some time to sit back and enjoy yourself. Seeing the host or hostess stressed out and frantic can make your guests feel uncomfortable. No one will notice if things don’t go perfectly as long as they are having a great time.

If you want to throw a great party this holiday season, our team is available for last minute bookings. We can help you plan a menu that will be sure to impress your guests. Contact us for more information today!