Summertime is the time for outdoor parties and get together’s. However, often times bugs are an issue and get the best of our outdoor soirees! Below are great ways you can kick bugs out of your backyard parties this summer:

Cover Up:

Flipped over cupcake liners (which are always available in party-ready patterns), are a handy way to keep bugs away from your drinks!

Beat Bugs With A Scent:

A lemon slice topped with cloves is a natural bug repellent that doubles as table décor!

Take A Fan Outside:

Not only will this provide a nice breeze for your guests, but an electric fan is strong enough to blow away mosquitoes from your party!

Cover Your Goods!

Cover up those goods! Be sure to cover your serving bowls/plates with something to keep pests from picking at your food

Offer Relief:

Don’t forget the essentials; good old bug spray and chilly wet towels will be a nice treat for your guests!

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