Impressing Guests With A Catered Event

Catered events too often have food that is of a sub-standard quality, but when you think about your guests and who is attending it will be easy to impress them with good catering. If you are about to host a catered event then here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Guest profile: there is no perfect menu that caters for all kinds of guests, but you can customize it depending on your guests’ needs. Some of the things you need to know about your guests are their ethnic background, where they live, how often they attend similar events, and the profession of your guests.
  • Choice: it’s important to provide choice as it means you are more likely to hit the nail on the head for the majority of guests at the event. A choice needs to be given to those who might be calorie aware and those who might like to indulge in the evening regardless of how “fatty” the foods are.
  • Seasonal and local items: when it comes to food, local and fresh is hard to beat. Someone might be attending the event from the other side of the country. So having something on offer that they can try which represents the local region is ideal.