Hosting an event? Why should you do all the work!

People who throw parties and host gatherings tend not to enjoy the event that much. They are focused on managing things and making sure the guests have a good time and everything goes according to plan. Often, you will find the hosts tired and too stressed to enjoy or fully experience an event they are working tirelessly to bring to life.

Hosts should experience the event they are throwing just like the rest of the guests. Instead of moving around making sure there is food and entertainment, if you are hosting a party or get together you should also be relaxed and enjoy the company of your guests. Do not make the mistake that many folks make, running everything yourself might seem ideal but have you ever thought of hiring event management specialists?

Professionals who specialize in managing events have tons of experience and tools to make sure whatever it is that you are hosting goes according to plan without the need for you to stress or run around.

TCGFL, an event planning company in South Florida takes pride in planning and running successful events that leave guests impressed and the host satisfied. With over 30 years of experience, the company helps you plan your event by paying special attention to all your details and ideas. Simply put, you give them your scratch book and they bring it to life. TCGFL handles any of the following events:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Get together and reunions
  • Theme parties
  • Dinner parties
  • Corporate events
  • Custom events

The team at TCGFL takes all of your ideas and formulates the event plan. Depending on what you want, TCGFL can handle all planning areas of your event. The following services are all available under one roof:

  • Food and catering
  • Entertainment
  • Technical services
  • Décor
  • Coordination and management

Food and catering

Food service is the most important aspect of any event. A well-planned menu and delivery usually leaves guests satisfied. TCGFL offers a complete food and catering service, from preparing the menu right up to servicing the guests. The food catering services includes procuring fresh and quality cooking ingredients, preparing excellent dishes, and serving the guests. TCGFL already has a wide range of food types and styles to choose from but the catering team can work with you to create custom dishes and services.

If you need help picking a dish for your event the company provides a variety of options that match your type of event. The event management company also offers a full bar service for events that need bar services.


TCGFL works with you in planning the event entertainment. All you do is say what you want, and the team at TCGFL will put together some ideas and plans for you to approve and then make sure everything goes according to plan while you participate in your event with the guests.

Technical Services

If you are planning on hosting an event you will most definitely need audio gear, visuals, and other technical instruments. TCGFL provides technical services as part of their event planning and management for clients. You can bury the worry and let the TCGFL specialists coordinate your technical needs for you while you focus on other things.


The décor sets the tone of an event. It sets the ambiance and leads the impressions. This is one area of an event that you should get right no matter what. The designers at TCGFL work with you to set up your venue like how you imagine it and offer advice whenever it’s needed.

Coordination and management

Before and during the event you can relax knowing that you have experienced people managing your event for you. Event planners at TCGFL will take care of all logistics and solve any problems that arise so you can have a peace of mind and enjoy the event.

By hiring an event planner and manager, you get to actually experience the event you are hosting together with your guests.