A Couple Gets Married At a CrossFit Event

For the first time in the history of CrossFit, a couple ties the knot in Carson, California at an event. The bride and groom did not wear the usual wedding dress and suit combo as you’d expect in a wedding. Instead, the groom wore a t-shirt and shorts while the bride wore a tennis skirt and white sports bra.

The groom, Oliver Drewes, was asked who he thought would win at this CrossFit event, and he replied, “I won because I got to marry the woman of my dreams in the middle of StubHub Center”.

The couple met on a blind date that a friend had set up at the gym where Drewes works. After meeting and hanging out for a while the bride, Christina Moore, later showed Drewes the ins and outs of CrossFit. For the ceremony, keeping in line with the venue, the bride added some CrossFit lingo in the vows, “I promise to push you to achieve PR’s while still no-repping you when you don’t break parallel.”

They describe their wedding as a phenomenal experience, and should give other engaged couples some food for thought regarding the power of a custom themed wedding.

We wish them a happy reception and honeymoon! Hopefully, they keep their custom wedding rolling with a custom buffet. Check TCG’s custom buffets here!