The key to success for any type of party is planning. Whether it be a birthday party or a corporate affair, planning is essential to a successful event. Here at The Catering Group we know what it takes to make an event successful, and have all the necessary tools needed to do so.

When it comes to corporate events the words that come to mind are professional, simple & elegant. Our team has planned countless corporate events and even has set packages you can offer your guests. Below are tips and guidelines to take into account when planning a corporate event:


Create a realistic budget and stick to it. Making lists that include all expenses, such as entertainment, d├ęcor, venue, food, etc. is must when it comes to budget planning


What is the entire purpose of the event? Whatever the message is that your company is trying to portray, the point is not to overload guests with overly long sessions, but instead appropriately time things such as meetings or activities you would like guests to participate in


Keep the music and entertaining aspects mellow, and something general that everyone can enjoy


If your event is more than 4 hours in length, food should be served. There should be water and coffee available at all times to guests even when there is not food available


When planning an event, it is important to take things like parking and transportation into the equation so your guests are not left wondering what to do with their cars!

For more help planning an event, corporate or not, The South Florida Catering Group & Event Management is here to help! Contact us today