A Couple Gets Married At a CrossFit Event

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For the first time in the history of CrossFit, a couple ties the knot in Carson, California at an event. The bride and groom did not wear the usual wedding dress and suit combo as you’d expect in a wedding. Instead, the groom wore a t-shirt and shorts while the bride wore a tennis skirt and white sports bra. The groom, Oliver Drewes, was asked who he thought would win at this CrossFit event, and he replied, “I won because I got to marry the woman of my dreams in the middle of StubHub Center”. The couple met on a...

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How to Avoid Being a Bad Wedding Guest

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Have you ever been to a wedding and felt like you let yourself down due to the way you conducted yourself? Then here are few suggestions to consider helping you avoid being a poor wedding guest: Don’t drink too much: the biggest reason why wedding guests get out of control is alcohol. Most people know their limit, yet don’t practice enough discipline to stick to it. It’s a celebration so letting yourself go, acting goofy and enjoying yourself is a must. Just be aware of how much alcohol you consume throughout the...

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