Budget-Friendly DIY Decorations For Your Next Event

Planning events and gatherings for friends and family is a great way to get everyone together more often and show off your creative side. One great way to add personality to your parties and cut costs is to include some simple DIY design projects.

Party Décor Crafts


1. Coasters

Hand making different styles of drink coasters is easy and affordable. One way to show off recent snapshots of family and friends attending the party is to create tile coasters with their photos.

Buy plain, ceramic tiles at your local hardware store and use Mod Podge to secure the photos on top. Another great option for homemade coasters is using old mason-jar lids. Cut out corkboard, and line the inside of the lid before stamping on a fun image or writing a sweet quote.

2. Silverware Display

Using terracotta pots to hold napkins and silverware gives your gathering a rustic feel, while allowing you to reuse the pots in your garden after the affair. Consider labeling or painting these pots to create a little extra party flair.

3. Wine Stoppers

For a vintage feel, consider attaching antique knobs to recycled wine corks. The wine corks are a simple, attractive touch that’s easy to add, and they show off the ornate knobs in a unique way. The knobs come equipped with screws attached, so it just takes a little drilling into the cork to be able to twist the knob into place for effortless elegance.

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