How to Avoid Being a Bad Wedding Guest

Have you ever been to a wedding and felt like you let yourself down due to the way you conducted yourself? Then here are few suggestions to consider helping you avoid being a poor wedding guest:

  • Don’t drink too much: the biggest reason why wedding guests get out of control is alcohol. Most people know their limit, yet don’t practice enough discipline to stick to it. It’s a celebration so letting yourself go, acting goofy and enjoying yourself is a must. Just be aware of how much alcohol you consume throughout the course of the occasion.
  • Arrive on time: it’s bad manners to arrive late to any event , but especially a wedding. You might think that nobody will notice if there is a large guest list, however they will so don’t make a bad first impression as a guest by being late.
  • Make an effort to mingle: don’t shy away in the corner with your “+1”. Try to mingle with the other guests, because socializing is all part of a great celebration.
  • Ladies…..any color but white: the bride for obvious reasons needs to stand out on her big day. Therefore, wearing white should be avoided at all costs.