6 Mouthwatering Appetizers From Catering Companies In South Florida

What’s the first aspect you consider when comparing catering companies in south Florida? Chances are, it’s the menu.

There are so many ways a catering company can impress you, aside from its delectable main course offerings, though. If you’ve ever been to a big event, you probably remember the mouthwatering appetizers and scrumptious desserts just as much as the main course.

TCG has an extensive selection of appetizers that you can serve at your next celebration, as well as several delicious desserts. Call us today to talk about your next event at 954-941-5161!

1. Corn Cakes With Our Spicy Mango Salsa

A new take on an old favorite, our fresh mango salsa is sure to please even the pickiest palate.

2. Scallion Pancake With A Fresh Lime Drizzle 

Many catering companies in south Florida incorporate the taste of the Keys into their dishes, but none do it quite like this, with our fresh lime drizzle.

3. Goat Cheese And Avocado Mousse Atop A Tortilla Crisp 

Most people don’t want to eat food that’s incredibly heavy or rich when they’re in a warm climate, which is why this fresh avocado mousse makes our appetizer catering in Miami so popular. You’ll have to try it yourself to see just how good it is.

4. Loaded Baby Baked Potato 

An appetizer should awaken your senses and tantalize your palate for what’s to come, not leave you bursting at the belt. Our baby baked potato is a perfect substitute for any loaded baked potato that has left you too full in the past.

5. Salmon Teriyaki With Ginger Soy 

There’s nothing quite like enjoying fresh seafood on the Florida coast. Salmon is the perfect compliment to sandy toes and a cool ocean breeze as you’re watching the warm sun dip below the horizon.

6. Tostada With Roasted Corn Salsa And Jalapeno Sour Cream 

Whether you have a Mexican theme in mind or not, our tostada appetizers are sure to please you and your guests. With fresh roasted corn and jalapeno-infused sour cream, you’ll be wondering how the main course can possibly top this appetizer.

More Than just Appetizer Catering In Miami 

At TCG, we pride ourselves on providing the best appetizer catering in Miami, but that’s not all we do. We can also help you plan and execute your entire event, from managing and coordinating it to decorating the venue, setting up any audio or visual needs and even providing entertainment for the guests.

If you’re ready to hire one of the best catering companies in south Florida, call us today at 954-941-5161, and ask how we can help make your next event unforgettable.