5 Valentine’s Day Recipes You Can’t Ignore

Because there is absolutely nothing better then surprising your Valentine with a delicious dessert you both can enjoy! Take a look at these perfect (and easy to make) Valentine’s Day dessert recipes below:

1. Triple Strawberry Dessert: a strawberry based dessert that contains 140 calories per serving. With this simple to make dessert you will impress your special other this Valentine’s day.
2. Glazed Brownie Hearts: a decorative treat that can be cooked in 1.5 hours with a cookie cutter. A perfect way to add some visual aesthetics to your Valentine’s Day table.
3. Chocolate Raspberry hearts: pastry puff style desserts that can be baked in under 20 minutes. The perfect dessert is for those who enjoy raspberries.
4. 18 Layer Red Velvet Cake: if you’d like to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in style, then the 18 Layer Red Velvet Cake is the perfect choice. Each serving contains 590 calories, but the taste is equally impressive.
5. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies: cake sandwiches that can make for a perfect dessert on your Valentine’s Day. Filled with berries and cream they are perfect for pleasing your taste buds.