3 Important Questions To Ask Your Event Planner

Whether you are throwing an anniversary party for your parents or getting ready for your wedding day, hiring an event planner can help your event run with confidence. Before you get started trying to plan all the details yourself or hiring just any planner to deal with your special occasions, here are some questions that you might find helpful in deciding which coordinator is the right fit for your needs.

1.       How Much Experience Do You Have?

Gathering a little intel on experience level, which vendors and suppliers are connections and the area of expertise is a great way to decide which event coordinator is a good fit for your affair.

2.       What Can You Do With My Budget?

Discussing your budget up front helps clarify what the price range is and what the scale of the event can be. We are able to show our creativity and budget-savvy personalization plans that will get you excited and help you stick within your financial means.

3.       How Big Are Your Usual Events?

If you are looking to throw a 600-person wedding or a two-day extravaganza, it’s important to make sure that your event planner has similar experiences under their belt. It’s also helpful to know what the typical scale of events is to hear advice from previous functions.

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